There's a short road in Central New York that has a long spooky history of several deadly hauntings.

Two houses and a set of train tracks are all that sit on Gray Road in Minetto, New York. It's very short but its deadly history is very long. In 1961, a cab driver named Frank Coolidge ran into a tree on Gray Road after he was shot in the back by Garry Bernard Rhinehart. Rhinehart fled and hitchhiked back to Syracuse. Coolidge was found later that night.

A year later, on November 2, 1926, Ethel Guinup, hung herself in a barn in the woods after a confrontation with her husband. Legend has it, her spirit remains.

Credit - Simon Wijers
Credit - Simon Wijers

Child Spirits

Guinup's ghost isn't the only one that haunts the short road. A young boy who was killed on the train tracks when his family's carriage was hit by a train has also been seen by locals in the area. They say if you drive down the road around midnight, and park by the track, the boy will appear. A group of schoolchildren is also said to have died on the tracks and their ghosts may be seen walking toward your car.

There have also been multiple sightings of strange light orbs on the road and screams have been heard in the woods.

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Whiskey Hollow Road

Gray Road isn't the only road in Onondaga County that is said to be haunted. In Baldwinsville, New York, there is a 5-mile stretch of road cutting through the woods, that is said to be so haunted it's closed at night.

Legends say evil groups come out at night to meet on Whiskey Hollow Road. The KKK and Satan worshippers are said to have claimed a mile-long stretch in the middle of the road where many racial killings and Satanic sacrifices are rumored to have taken place in the remote woods. Many of those victims were children, whose spirits still remain.

Some claim they have run into ghosts of the small children wandering the road, while others have seen a bloody children’s blanket hanging in the trees.

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