When the 2019-2020 American Hockey League season was halted by the COVID-19 health crisis, the Utica Comets had netted the third-most goals in the league and were sitting in third place in the league's North Division.

But, Utica is #1 in another statistic: food. According to Matt Trust, the media coordinator for the Hershey Bears, the pre-game meals at the Adirondack Bank Center are the best in the league. Trust was answering a question on his Twitter feed: "What's the best road press meal in the AHL and what's their spread?" Here's his response:

How do you NOT trust the opinion of a guy named Trust? And it's not as if there's no competition. After all, the league has 31 teams in some cool places with pretty good reputations for food, like San Diego, San Antonio and Chicago.

Of course, it's really no surprise that the Adirondack Bank Center cranks out great food. The ABC is home to the 72 Tavern & Grill, run by Comets' owner Robert Esche and his team, the same folks behind Babe's and Aqua Vino.

Trust also seems to have the utmost respect for our city. In another tweet, he said "there's something really special about Utica," because the "people take so much pride in their community." We'll drink--and eat--to that. Thanks, Matt (pictured below, center).

Credit: Matt_Trust via Twitter
Credit: Matt_Trust via Twitter
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