As a kid, going to Friendly's was an event. Good food and GREAT ice cream -- let's face it, the ice cream was the true headliner. And they always had those insane ice cream cakes towards the front. (Our family could never afford them, but that's not the point.) They were works of art, by god! They filled you with wonder. Something to aspire to.

Friendly's via Facebook
Friendly's via Facebook

And let's talk about the Cone Head Sundae for a second. If your childhood could be summed up with one ice cream dish, it's gotta be that. You had the chocolate-dipped sugar cone, which provided the crunch. You had the peanut buttery greatness of Reese's Pieces, probably the most underrated candy in history. And you had the velvety richness of Friendly's ice cream. What's not to love?

Friendly's iconic Cone Head sundaes have been a kid favorite for as long as we can remember! Made with scoops of premium Friendly's ice cream and REESE’S® PIECES® Candy faces, the Cone Head sundae is the perfect treat!

Will Phillips

And then, underneath the ice cream was an EXTRA MASS of Reese's Pieces! Amazing! How DO they do it?! The world may never know.

But while once plentiful, Friendly's restaurants are now an endangered species. Luckily our local New Hartford location is still going strong... but it's one of just eight Friendly's still operating in Upstate New York... (for now.)

Check out our list below of eight Friendly's restaurants still enduring in New York, and do yourself a favor... grab a Cone Head Sundae while you still can!

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While once plentiful, Friendly's restaurants are now an endangered species.

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