Witnesses reported seeing 2 kittens being thrown out a red moving car near Lowes in New Hartford.

Clinton Pet Vet and Sanctuary have contacted police who referred her to animal control to report the abuse to the kittens. No surveillance footage has been found yet showing the criminal in the midst of this horrific act.

One of the kittens has been recovered and is being cared for by staff at the Clinton Pet Vet and Sanctuary in Clinton while the other kitten ran away and has not been found. Director of operations Mare Clarey tells WKTV "There’s a trap set up there right now and we have a lot of our Facebook people that have gone over there looking, searching, going over there after work and in the rain and everything so we’ve got a lot of people looking for the kitten," said Clarey.

Staff at Clinton Pet Vet asks anyone with more information on the person who threw the kittens out of the window to contact them at 315-381-3605.

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