You love chicken riggies. You love ice cream. Would you ever mix the two together?

XXI Ice, an ice cream company based out of Dundalk, Ireland is becoming famous for creating the worlds craziest ice cream. Fox News reports that they currently have chicken nugget ice cream:

“I suppose we create custom ice creams,” a spokesperson for XXI Ice told Fox News. “We turn anything we can mash into ice cream, from chocolate to McNuggets. Nothing is too far! We are trying to bring ice cream rolls to Ireland in what is a new and exciting take on your standard ice cream.”"

Listen, if they can do this with chicken nuggets, would they do other dishes? The company explains they it can make anything into ice cream.

Would you ever want to try chicken riggie ice cream? I would imagine the sauce and the ice cream wouldn't mix well, even though a good riggie sauce has plenty of cream and spice. However, if a Central New York resturant had it on it's menu, this author would give it a shot.

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