If you're planning to go to a Bills game in the future, there's a change you may have to be vaccinated in order to get into the stadium.

On Friday afternoon, Governor Andrew Cuomo said despite the fact we are months away from any kind of a decision regarding football season, it is a "theoretical possibility" that vaccines may be required for entry, according to Syracuse.com.

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During the press conference in Buffalo, Cuomo said of the idea that vaccines could allow the stadium to operate at 100% capacity. “Hopefully that is not only a possibility, but a probability.”

Cuomo and Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz have been in a back-and-forth in recent days about plans for games at the Bills’ home field when football season resumes.

Poloncarz said earlier this week that the county’s goal is 100% capacity. He said mandatory vaccinations would allow that to happen.

COVID-19 testing on site at home games was also a topic of conversation, just like it has with many other events around the state in recent months of discussion.

“You make a decision with the facts when you have them,” Cuomo said. “My position is [it’s] premature to try to determine what’s a smart policy in a few months because you don’t know the facts.”

Will vaccinations be required at games? It's still to early to tell.

There are a lot of determining factors that will go into play before any decision is made. Currently, positivity rates are still high in Western New York, and the rest of the state could see a surge in data before the season begins.

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