Land ho!

Is someone missing a boat? You might just want to check the side of the Thruway.

While you may have seen things like mattresses or furniture on the side of the road, you probably haven't seen a beached boat just hangin' out along one of New York's most traveled interstates.

If you're driving west on I-90 just past the Warners Travel Plaza a few exits outside of Syracuse, you'll see the boat perched up on a hill, valiantly looking over all the cars that pass by. Now who knows how long that boat's been stuck up there, but we can date it all the way back to at least August of 2019, when it was captured on Google Maps.

Google Maps
Google Maps

At this point, you're probably wondering... how the HECK did a boat end up on the side of the Thruway and WHY is it still there? We're wondering exactly the same thing. For all we know, there could have been a crazy flood that carried it over that hill and sent the owner on a hunt for their boat that's still going on to this day.

So if you know someone in Warner that's missing this large water vehicle, tell them to come get their boat!

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