We're a week away from Christmas and it's time to make sure you get those gifts wrapped all nice and neat. What's your gift wrapping routine?

I'm sure everybody has a different routine when it comes to wrapping gifts for the holidays. Some people may wrap gifts as they buy them, or wait and do it all in one shot. Some people just flat out hate wrapping gifts and skip all the nonsense and just throw the item in a gift bag.

This is the weekend in my house where we will wrap all the gifts in one shot, and be done with it. The grandparents take the kids for the night we pull all the gifts out and split up the work. Once we figure out what gifts will be wrapped and which will be left unwrapped, it's time to get to work.

It's important to note that during this project you must keep ample amounts of alcohol by your side, to ease the pain of wrapping paper cuts. By the time you reach the end, you'll be buzzed enough to not care if the wrapping paper is even or what color bow you're putting on.

How does it work in your house? Do you wrap as you shop, or wait and do it all in one shot? I mean the presents look great when they're all wrapped up nicely, but the gift bags are definitely the easier option.

Random thought, but what is the point of even wrapping gifts, when it just gets ripped and thrown away? It's not like we save the paper.

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