One Utica boy is going to be pretty unhappy Christmas morning, but his Dad is holding his ground.

According to Russell Timothy, his son won't do his chores, so he's decided to sell his "big Christmas gift" online, in a Facebook garage sale.

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"Playstation 5 for sale. Will met at either St. Luke's or St. Elizabeth's. I will take any REASONABLE offer. This was supposed to be my sons big Christmas present but he refuses to do his choirs (sic). I've asked him for two days now to go out and shovel our walkway and half of driveway. All he does is whine and throw a fit. So I told him that if it continues he wasn't having any presents this year. Guess what? It continued. I'm going to show him this post on Christmas morning and hopefully that will drive the point home. What an ungrateful 4 year old!"

According to Russell's post, his son is just 4 years old.

Most replies from commenters on the Facebook listing weren't so sympathetic, with many suggesting 4 years old might be a little young to go out and shovel in the winter.

Another commenter made his own offer: "Ok here is your reasonable offer. I can come do all your sons chores for the playstation. If you're willing to offer to him then it's reasonable for me. How big is driveway?"

What do you think? Is this a fair outcome for a 4-year-old or is this dad taking things too far?

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