There's at least one thing that you always have to eat or drink when you're feeling well. What are your top go-to foods when you're not feeling good?

Over the past week, we had a sinus infection roll through my house affecting my youngest and my wife. Obviously, my wife has certain things that always likes to have when she's not feeling well, and my daughters have their things. But, it got me thinking about myself and I do in fact have go-to things when I'm sick.

I have a few things that I have to have when I don't feel good, and you'll be able to tell when I was raised. I like to have chicken noodle soup, preferably Campbell's, but any will do, ginger ale, and saltines. All that needs is Bob Barker and an hour full of "come on downs", judging people for bidding $1, and Wilford Brimley telling me about diabetes. Yes, I'm that basic when I'm sick, but man everything I just described makes me want to take a sick day tomorrow.

I have also added a few things over the years including lemon-ginger tea and honey, and hot lemon water because it actually seems to help and it's natural and not some medication that I don't what it has in it.

When you feel like you're going to be sick, what are you making sure you have on hand for when you get hit with it? There have to be at least one or two things, maybe you've really put much thought into it.

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