Oh, the things you find on TikTok. Fans of the "Alexander Hamilton" musical will appreciate this fan-made video as the videographer runs up and down a block just to capture the street signs on either end.

Why the needless exercise, you may be asking? The video's hundreds of thousands of likes, and the subsequent laughs from viewers, prove that all the huffing and puffing was worth it.

While in Rochester recently, TikTok user Evan Diem came across the intersection of Alexander Street and Clinton Street. Fittingly, the street just a block away is named.... Hamilton Street. Needless to say, Diem had to make a TikTok.

We can't decide what the best part of this video is: his sheer commitment to run up and down the block for a joke or the fact that he does it TWICE? I mean, it's really too good.

Google Maps
Google Maps

We did a little deep-digging on Google Maps, and yes, this block really exists in Rochester, New York, right in front of Boulder Coffe Co. Cafe and Lounge. So next time you're driving through and picking up a garbage plate, you can swing by Alexander and Hamilton Streets...just to recreate this TikTok GOLD. Just be sure to tag @evandiem in your video!

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