A Central New York library is under water after a pipe burst that wasn't discovered for almost 24 hours.

A pipe burst in the upstairs bathroom of the Vernon Public Library. It happened on a Sunday, and the library doesn't open until Monday afternoon. When staff arrived, they found water pouring from the ceiling. "There was water raining from the ceilings and the water on the ground was over our shoes," the library shared on Facebook.

Credit - Vernon Public Library via Facebook
Credit - Vernon Public Library via Facebook

The amount of water caused significant damage. The good news is most of the books will be able to be saved. Most of the bookshelves at the library are along the walls and are raised off the floor.

The water came through the ceiling in the center of the room, so it missed the books. We are trying to focus on the positives.

The library will need new floors and ceilings throughout the building. The bathroom and office area will also need to be completely rebuilt.

"The guys from the Village of Vernon came right over to try to help us get the water turned off. We are so grateful for their help."

The library will remain closed for an extended period of time to repair the extensive damage the pipe burst caused. "We will do our best to reopen as soon as possible."

A GoFundMe has been set upfor the library that has been operating on investment funding with little public funding for a few years. "If you're willing to donate, every little bit helps," Gary Coufa, Library board President said. "We aren't looking for much, maybe just enough to cover supplies, some paint and carpeting, perhaps some new bookshelves."

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