Utica Police continue to investigate a horrific crime scene on Poe Street in Utica following what authorities are calling a murder-attempted-suicide Sunday morning that has gone viral on the web and temporarily delayed the start of the Boilermaker road race as authorities worked to secure the crime scene.

Police have not yet released the name of the victim, but due to photographs believed to be of the victim and posted by the assailant following the murder, the web has identified the victim and the alleged attacker.  Based on information WIBX has learned, we believe the victim is only a teenager who graduated just three weeks ago from Utica's Proctor High School.

Lt. Bryan Coromato joined Keeler in the Morning on Monday and said the department hoped to release more information after meeting with the family later in the day. He also confirmed that police believe the alleged assailant posted graphic photos of the victim on social media after her she was killed.

The suspect underwent an emergency surgery on Sunday and was said to be sedated and in critical condition. Coromato said it is believed he will survive.

Officials say the incident was unrelated to Sunday's race and say there was no threat to race runners or spectators.

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