Usually, Craigslist 'Missed Connections' are about people trying to find someone they saw briefly, but this one is about a unique dog.

Here's what was posted to Utica Craigslist:

"On Friday 8/23/19 I was pulling into the McDonald's in North Utica, the one down by the Taco Bell and Delmonico's. Your dog had their big grey shaggy head out the window and they were wearing sunglasses. It was the most fantastic thing I have ever seen. I just wanted you to know that your dog made me so happy that I legitimately cried. Thank you for making my day. I hope that you see this so you know just how fantastic it was for me to see that pup out the window."

That's pretty hilarious and totally understandable, because, let's face it - few things can put a smile on your face more quickly than an adorable dog.

Credit: Rachel Daughtry
Credit: Rachel Daughtry

We think we've found the dog. He was also cruising down Genesee Street on September 5th in the same shades, and his photo was snapped by Rachel Daughtry. Now, if it turns out that there are two sunglasses-wearing shaggy dogs, frankly, that's the kind of place we want to live.

If this is your dog, we want to meet him (or her). Email us at

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