Konrad Mozdzen of Marcy is a member of many Utica area restaurant review pages, including 315 Menus, on Facebook. Every Friday, he realized people were asking the same question: Where is the best place in central New York to get a Fish Fry?

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He noticed the question got increasingly popular as the pandemic began, so he used his time in quarantine to conduct an experiment. He traveled around to 69 different restaurants, and rated their Fish Fry on Fridays.

Every week, I would go somewhere new and order a Fish Fry or two. I would make notes of my thoughts and list them accordingly, by comparing them to the previous Fish Frys I had.

Mozdzen ended his quest with a list of his favorite spots in order from favorite to least favorite. He expressed in his review that his intention was not to bash or rate any restaurants, that it was just his own personal experience. Factors like what sides, the amount of them, and price played into his rating.

This list is also only about the restaurant’s Fish Fry and nothing else on their menus. I personally like a lot of these restaurants, but maybe just not for their Fish Fry. Or maybe vice versa.

Looking for a place to grab a Fish Fry now that Lent is here? Here's where he went and his favorites.

Best Fish Fry:

1. Polish Community Club
2. Fat Cats
3. Chowder House
4. Deerfield Fire House
5. Pizza Plus
6. Tully’s
7. Packy’s Pub
8. Greek Gyro
9. Big Jays
10. Stockdale’s
11. Pumpernickel’s
12. Capo’s Italian Market
13. Outta the Way Cafe
14. Old school
15. Obaby’s
16. Phoenician
17. CPJ’s
18. Prop’s Inn
19. Trulli’s
20. Grande’s
21. One Genny
22. Poppy’s Place
23. Stan’s Seafood
24. Fresco Fish
25. Kossuth Fish Market
26. Riverside
27. The Spot
28. Laufer’s
29. Ventura’s
30. Hot of the Brick
31. Station 233
32. Cavallo’s
33. Boulevard Diner
34. Franco’s
35. Tiny’s
36. Symeon’s
37. Whitesboro Fish Market
38. Georgio’s
39. Bev’s Place
40. Aqua Vino
41. Rintrona’s
42. Debbie’s
43. Marcy Tavern
44. Steif
45. Carmella’s
46. Boil Shack
47. Knucklehead’s
48. Lukin’s
49. Top of the Morning Cafe
50. Patio Drive In
51. Parkway Pizza
52. Casa too Mucha
53. Northend
54. Court Vue Luncheonette
55. Swifty’s
56. Rosato’s
57. La Pizzeria
58. 69 Steakhouse
59. Red Lobster
60. Pizza Box
61. Alamo
62. Jonny’s
63. Bella Regina
64. Killabrew
65. McGill’s
66. Price Chopper
67. Venice
68. Five Points
69. Full Throttle BBQ

Can You Match These Fish Frys To Central NY Area Restaurants?

Konrad Mozdzen used the pandemic as a time to conduct an experiment. He tried 69 different restaurant's Fish Fry and determined his favorites. Can you match the photos to his list?

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