Fish fries on Fridays go like a hand and in a glove. One local place serves up one that is recognized statewide.

Most restaurants locally serve up some incredible fish fries on Friday. Obviously, this is a huge thing during lent as those who practice will avoid meat on that day. But when you have a really good fish fry you'll see customers all year round. That's how it was for me growing up.

Only in Your State compiled a list of eight different places to get the best fish fry in New York. There are lots of places in the Rochester area and right outside Syracuse that are great. But we are lucky enough to have one local one that is to die for. Fat Cats in Herkimer actually came in really high up on the list from Only in Your State. They come in hot at number two! Being only a short little drive from the Utica-Rome area it seems well worth the drive if you're craving some incredible fried fish. If you have never been it seems they're closed on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. But any other day you go you'll be sure to be delighted.

I will have to make a trip there and see what the buzz is all about. I grew up with a really iconic fish fry place right near me so I have some high standards. On a side note, what are some other great fish fry places?

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