It looks like we won't be dipping our toes into the Canadian side of the St. Lawrence River this summer. Or it will be at least late summer before we do. Despite the urging of US Congressional members to at least partially open, the US-Canada Border travel restrictions will remain for an additional 30 days.

The restrictions which began March 21st will now be extended for a 4th time, until August 21. As before, Health-care workers who work and live on opposites sides of the line, and traffic that involves the flow of trade and commerce will be allowed to cross. Non-essential travel will require a 14 day quarantine once you arrive at your destination.

The story first reported by the CBC, indicate President Trump and Canadian Prime minister, Justin Trudeau spoke by phone Monday.  They discussed many issues, including the border closure. While many US officials urged for at least a partial reopening, Canadian authorities maintained the closure. Some of the country's health officials favor banning non-essential travel until at least the end of the year.  Canadian citizens seem to agree, as 80% favor keeping the border closed. You can see the Prime Minister's press conference about the conversation with President Trump in the video below. Read more on the closure at the CBC's website.

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