If you're looking to help out local healthcare workers, while supporting local restaurants and businesses, TheMerch.Link of the Syracuse area has your back.

TheMerch.Link was founded by Central New Yorker Matt Masur as a small business project to help stay busy during the pandemic:

The idea was to stay busy and create some fun, fashionable and funny new products to offer the world. So in November 2020, we launched this new site to do just that.

Once it started to take off, Matt realized the potential to pair his business with local charities. Over the weekend, TheMerch.Link announced that donations and proceeds from ALL SALES will be used for good going forward. Right now, the focus will help support local businesses and healthcare workers during the pandemic.

Currently we're focused on showing our thanks and support to Nurses, Doctors and other Healthcare workers fighting to keep us all alive during this pandemic. At the same time, we're looking to help local restaurants and caterers."

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The plan right now is to buy meals, coffee, and any other sort of treats for the local healthcare community. The best part, the purchases will be from local restaurants and businesses.

If you're looking to make donations, right now you can buy a nurse a coffee for $5, buy a nurse Lunch for $15, buy a nurse dinner for $25, feed a bunch of nurses for $75, buy a round of drinks for nurses for $100, and put on a full meal spread for nurses for $500.

You can also browse the full line of shirts and more to purchase here.

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