Prepare for some white-knuckle flying in and out of Central New York.

I don't know as if anyone truly loves flying, it's just sort of a necessary evil to reach a far away destination as fast as technology currently allows.

But when you do fly, you cross your fingers on a few things: that the airline doesn't lose your luggage, that the person next to you isn't 500 pounds, and -- probably most important of all -- that the airplane doesn't f*%$ing crash.


But boy, it can sometimes feel like it might. You ever been on one of those planes where you grip the armrest for dear life and recite a couple of Hail Mary's? Lord knows I have.


Turbulence is caused by irregularities in the airflow, which can happen from such atmospheric tomfoolery as weather changes and flying over mountains & water.

And as it turns out, when significant amounts of turbulence happen, those instances are recorded. Fox Weather recently did a writeup about these findings:

Turbli, a turbulence forecasting company, crunched numbers from NOAA and the UK Met Office and found the worst air routes for turbulence as well as the worst airports for turbulence around the world.


First, the good news...

Flying around North America is actually fairly stable. The U.S. and Canada didn't even crack the top 10 most turbulent air routes globally.


But that sorta doesn't matter if all you know is flying in the United States. And going by those numbers, it turns out that two routes from Syracuse Airport cracked the top 10 bumpiest in America. Flights to/from Rhode Island and flights to/from Boston were #5 and #9, respectively. And a route from JFK airport in NYC made the list as well.

Check out the top 10 most turbulent U.S. flights from Fox Weather below:

Most turbulent rankingRouteDistance (miles)Average turbulence score
1Nashville (BNA) - Raleigh/Durham (RDU)44214.728
2Charlotte (CLT) - Pittsburgh (PIT)36614.582
3Denver (DEN) - Puerto Vallarta (PVR)1,32214.535
4New York (JFK) - Raleigh/Durham (RDU)42614.517
5Warwick (PVD) - Syracuse (SYR)25714.494
6Atlanta (ATL) - Dulles (IAD)53414.492
7Pittsburgh (PIT) - Raleigh/Durham (RDU)32714.478
8New York (LGA) - Portland (PWM)26914.457
9Boston (BOS) - Syracuse (SYR)26414.453
10Boston (BOS) - Philadelphia (PHL)28014.453

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Because sometimes you just need to get the heck out of Dodge.

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