Summer is winding down but it's not over yet. There is a supermarket that making booze-infused salsas to kick your summer up a notch.

According to, Aldi has three limited-edition salsas available this month. They are made with whiskey, rum, and bourbon. These booze-infused salsas are all made with different alcohols and natural ingredients.

The Blood Orange and Whiskey has a unique combination of tomatoes, blood orange juice, orange juice, lime juice, and orange peel. Then infused with whiskey. This one is a bold citrus salsa.

The Rum and Apple Bourbon is a summer flavor but with a fall flair. It is made with bourbon, molasses, cinnamon, apples, clove, and nutmeg.

The Pineapple and Rum has sweet pineapple, cumin, and jalapenos for a nice kick in your salsa. The booze that is infused in this sweet salsa is rum. This salsa gives you a warm, spicy flavor.

All of these Aldi's salsas come with the "Twice as Nice" guarantee. That means if you don't like the booze-infused salsas, you can return them for a refund. These are only available for a limited time so get yours today.

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