Just because summer vacation is over, doesn't mean that toxic algae in Central New York water has gone away.

The Oneida County Health Department is encouraging the public to use caution regarding Harmful Algae Blooms that have been confirmed in Otter Lake and are likely now at Delta Lake State Park.

The Rome Daily Sentinel reports of a likely cyanobacteria HAB on Delta Lake and Turtle Pond within Delta Lake State Park. Currently this is outside of the public beach area.

Signs have been posted by the pond informing people that there are algae blooms in the area and to avoid contact with them, including with pets, Delta park Manager Joe Morisette said this morning. Turtle Pond is “well away from the beach,” he said, adding that it is sometimes used for fishing but not for boating or swimming."

Exposure to the HABs and toxins can cause symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, plus skin, eye or throat irritation and allergic reactions or breathing difficulties. The county Health Department recommends contacting your health care provider if symptoms occur after exposure to blue-green algae. The department also is currently discouraging people from drawing water from the lake for domestic use at this time.

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