Sound the alarms!! There's a hot new app and you'll want to check it out immediately.

Swimply is basically the Airbnb of pool-sharing. You can list your own pool for rent or search for other pools wherever you are in the world. Whether you're searching for somewhere close to home to cool down on a hot summer day or looking for a little poolside relaxation during your vacation, Swimply is a good way to find something nearby!

The app actually got its start not too long ago. According to, founder Bunim Laskin launched Swimply back in 2018 and even pitched it on an episode of Shark Tank that aired in March of this year.

Just like with Airbnb, the quality of the app relies on a variety of pool options in its users' area, so it's continuing to gain traction as more pool owners put their water oases up for rent. While there aren't any pools on Swimply yet in the Central New York area, there is one for rent in the Albany area that's worth checking out.

Swimply Modern Oasis Pool Rental

You can read more about this Swimply rental on Karen's official listing.

Search for more pool rentals or rent your pool out to the public on Swimply's site. Who knows: Maybe we'll have a Central New York pool up on Swimply soon!

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