No matter what your thoughts on Andrew Cuomo are, it's hard not to laugh at this guy's impression of the New York State governor.

Earlier this year, comedian Joe Naimoli started posting videos impersonating Governor Cuomo. The videos, set up to look like the governor's daily coronavirus briefings, feature Naimoli in a suit and tie, talking about everything from drive-by birthdays and stupid people to school reopenings and Thanksgiving.

Since April, Naimoli has created more than 60 videos as Governor Cuomo, garnering more than 25,000 followers and a lot of laughs along the way.

Perhaps one of Naimoli's most popular videos is his impersonation of Cuomo laying out rules of what food constituted as a substantive "meal" that bars and restaurants were required to serve with drinks. This explanation of food versus "food food" is too relatable....


Remember when Governor Cuomo engaged in a heated exchange with a reporter over when New York City schools would be reopening? Don't worry; Naimoli couldn't miss a chance to poke fun at that epic moment, just changing the subject from schools to squash.... Yes, the vegetable.

When he yells "We did it already!," you have to admit that Naimoli sounds exactly like the governor.

If you're in need of a laugh (or 60) during this stressful time, head over to Joe Naimoli's TikTok or Instagram and start watching these impressions.

You can also keep up with news from the real Governor Cuomo's daily coronavirus briefings through the governor's website.

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