It's hard to beat the beauty of the Adirondacks in the fall. The colors of the changing leaves are not just brilliant, they're everywhere, and they come together to form an artistic landscape you have to see to believe.

Of all the spots in the Adirondacks that have beautiful views of the annual fall foliage, this may just be a top contender. Mount Jo Loop Trail is a moderate, 1.8-mile hike near Lake Placid that has a stunning lookout spot at the top.

TikTok user @jonathanzaharek shared a video of the view on his profile, and before he turned off commenting in an attempt to keep the video's location a secret, Adirondack aficionados shared that he filmed the video on the Mount Jo Loop Trail.

If you're not much of a hiker, but you're willing to strap up your boots to get a glimpse of this view, Mount Jo seems like a good hike to try. All Trails user Tina Wong said that while there was "some rock scrambling going up, [it was] nothing crazy hard."

Douglas McFarren also gave fellow hikers a tip on hiking the Mount Jo Loop, which has two trails to the summit.

"By chance I decided to take the long trail to the summit," McFarren wrote on All Trails. "It’s not bad and it’s a little rocky in some areas. By comparison the short trail is somewhat steep and very rocky. I was happy to be descending versus ascending the short trail. The view from the top is beautiful. Enjoy!"

If you'd like to take a secondhand look at the trails before you head up, you can tag along as a couple of hikers (and their pup Oakley) climb to the top of Mount Jo.

Whether you catch the view from Mount Jo's summit while the trees are green or while they're one million shades of brilliant reds and oranges, this is a hike you won't want to miss.

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