One thing shining through this whole Coronavirus thing is how much creativity we have seen from individuals. Two Westmoreland Seniors not only shared their talent for playing instruments, but some creative video editing with a unique rendition of "Sweet Caroline" performed while guaranteeing.

Noah Plumb and Jason Crumb, Westmoreland Seniors, spent several days playing the Neil Diamond classic on a variety of instruments. Noah played guitar, trumpet, and bells, while Jason used several different saxophones and trumpets in the performance They captured it all on video, then spent several hours synching the video and music. Anyone who has tempted to match video and music together can attest to the painstaking challenge.

After watching the video above, it's easy to understand why the two guys (with rhyming names) will further their education in the music field. Noah will be attending Suny Oneonta for Music Industry and Jason Crumb will be attending Suny Fredonia for Music Education.

If you have the "Bah, Bah, Bah," stuck in your head now, listen to the Crumbit Frog Big Band honoring the Muppets below.

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