You may have always heard that it's important to keep your fuel tank filled in freezing temperatures. But does anyone actually know why?

Ever since I started driving I had always been advised to keep at least a half-full tank of gas in the car during the winter. I was never sure if this was something that was really necessary or one of those old wives' tales. The only real reason for keeping the tank full, I assumed, was so that you don't run out if you get stuck in the snow.

It turns out, there are actually three very important reasons for not letting your gas level get too low during the winter. I stumbled across an article from DCH Wappingers Falls Toyota that lays out a pretty persuasive argument for always keeping your tank full.

Condensation can build up inside an empty gas tank. this becomes a problem in the winter when that moisture freezes up the ice can block your fuel lines, preventing your car from starting.

Another issue with an empty tank is that it can cause dirt to clog your gas filter. Over time, dirt builds up in the tank. When it's filled with gas, there's less of a chance that the dirt will cause an issue.

And finally, if you regularly keep your tank close to empty, your fuel pumps can suck in air. This causes heat which could cause major damage over time. The gas works as a coolant, so if you keep the fuel level high, your pumps will last longer.

So, be sure to keep your fuel tank filled this winter. It's worth the extra stop not to have to deal with a broken-down car during the next big storm.

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