It's so hard to believe that 2021 is entering the home stretch. Thanksgiving is less than one month away and you know what that means...the start of the 2021 holiday season.

That means soon stores will be busier with people looking to purchase gifts and holiday decorations and that will intensify as we get closer to Christmas Day.

New York State is a wonderful state to celebrate the holiday season. Christmastime here features plenty of snow, colder air, Christmas songs, and even towns that really personify the feel of the holidays.

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Mom and pop store fronts, holiday festivals, Christmas parades, tree lightings, and tons more that entertain residents across the state.

Western New York is where I grew up and we have plenty of awesome towns that celebrate the holiday season. What makes a great Christmas town, though? For starters, you need a main strip. You know, those Hallmark kind of main streets filled with store fronts, bakeries, restaurants and decorations that put you in that Christmas spirit.

Added events and festivals don't hurt either; there are plenty of them here in New York.

Which towns are the best for Christmas in New York?

Keep reading to find out!

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