A Syracuse area nine-year-old wants to thank Central New York for all of the support he and his family received after recovering from rare illness associated with COVID-19.

For many Central New York families, COVID-19 has affected children. After COVID, many deal with a rare but serious condition called MIS-C or Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome. Currently, the New York State Department of Health is investigating 341 cases of MIS-C.


According to CNY Central, Luca Greco was diagnosed with Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome about four weeks after testing positive for COVID-19. He was treated locally at Upstate University Hospital.

"His heart is very strong. The fluid that was around his heart is gone," says Ashey Greco, Luca's mother.

Ashley says Luca had a follow-up appointment last week with his cardiologist and infectious disease doctor.

"They’re very happy with his progress and how he’s healing. He returned to school. He’s been in school for about three weeks," says Ashley.

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Ashley is urging Central New York families to contact their pediatricians when they have a positive COVID-19 case.

"I would encourage everyone to stay with the members that live under your roof as much as possible and take those travel guidelines seriously," says Ashley."

Another case locally of MIS-C was in Madison. 4 year old Kaison battled this at Upstate Children's Hospital. Kaison's mother, Aften Ford says the scary experience has changed her outlook on the coronavirus and how it affects children. You can read more on Kaison's story here.

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