A Rome Man has been arrested by New York State Police following a crash on a dirt road in the Town of Madison.

Officials say just after 4AM on Monday Troopers witnessed a 2015 Ford pickup truck driving on Skinner Road that matched the description of a stolen vehicle out of the Town of Vernon. Upon seeing the vehicle, State Police officials say Troopers activated emergency lights and sirens in an effort to pull the truck operator over.

Police say the operator of the truck did not comply with the commands to pull over and fled, initiating a chase by police. State Police say the operator of the truck continually and recklessly tried to evade police and eventually made a turn onto Livermore Road. Police say Livermore is a private dirt road in the Town of Madison in Oneida County. Eventually the operator of the alleged stolen truck struck a boat and trailer on the side of the road and became disabled, according to officials.

At the point the vehicle came to a halt, Troopers say the operator complied with the commands of those who had been pursuing him, exited the vehicle and he was taken into custody without incident. Police say the operator identified himself as 29-year-old Joshua Stone of Rome. He was arrested and charged with Felony Criminal Possession of Stolen Property and Misdemeanor Unlawful Fleeing a Police Officer. Following his arrest he was transported to the State Police Troop D headquarters in Oneida and processed. He was released on his own recognizance. State Police say the Oneida County Sheriff's Office was initially investigating the stolen vehicle complaint.

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