When it comes to celebrating St. Patrick's Day in New York, two cities really take the cake, or should we say the Guinness?

It may seem hard to believe how fast 2022 is already flying by, we are almost a quarter of the way through the year already. However, we have not hit St. Patrick's Day just yet. Do you have plans for anything? If not, maybe a little traveling could be in your future on 3/17. With the luck of the Irish on your side, maybe you'll wind up in one of the best places in the country for celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

Which Upstate Cities Have The Best Celebrations?


With all of the bigger cities in Upstate New York like Albany, Utica, and Rochester to name a few, it is easy to believe we throw down quite well on one day in March. However, none of the cities just mentioned crack the top 30 in the United States according to Wallethub.com. Instead, take a little drive west and head to Buffalo or Syracuse.

Central New York Gets Some Love

Group of Friends Celebrating St Patrick's Day at Beer Pub

Is it anything shocking to hear Syracuse make it onto the list though? I mean come on. The celebrating is nothing short of legendary for the Salt City. But we already know why Syracuse makes the list, and obviously, so does the country. Buffalo on the other hand, how do they make the list?

What Makes A City Good At Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Anna Bizo/Goja1
Anna Bizo/Goja1

That actually is simple, Wallethub.com has only a few factors. Here they are.

  • The amount of Irish Pubs/Restaurants
  • Availability of 3-star hotels
  • Weather

Apparently, not only Syracuse ticks off those boxes, but so does Buffalo as well. Buffalo came in 10th on the nationwide list, Syracuse ranked at number 25. If you're interested in knowing which city parties the best in the United States, you might be shocked to know it is Philadelphia, PA.

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