In recent years and even in recent weeks there has been a rise in antisemitic attacks in cities across New York State and for Senator Joe Griffo enough is enough.

Griffo has introduced legislation that would provide more protections against antisemitism and hateful acts against Jewish people. Griffo says that while this has been a problem for decades for people of the Jewish faith and heritage, the Anti-Defamation League has reported a dramatic increase in in-person and online acts of hate.

It's not only an issue in New York State either. The Anti-Defamation League reports an increase in attacks and antisemitism across all 50 states. Some of the more recent attacks include an attack on a Jewish man in Times Square and synagogues being vandalized in several states, to name only a few.

So, what would Griffo's legislation do? Senator Griffo says,

My legislation will provide additional protection to those of the Jewish faith and ensure that the perpetrators of antisemitic activities face real consequences and are held accountable for their actions.

Senate Bill S4563 would amend existing human rights law to include acts of hate or assault against people of Jewish faith and heritage as a hate crime.

Victor Pearlman is the Executive Director of The Jewish Community Federation of the Mohawk Valley. Pearlman says,

On behalf of the Jewish Community Federation of the Mohawk Valley, I wish to thank Sen. Joseph Griffo for submitting a bill to our New York State Senate that would classify acts of violence committed against Jewish people in New York State, motivated in whole or in part by the fact that they are Jewish, as a ‘Hate Crime’ as defined by the Penal Code of New York State.

Griffo's legislation currently sits in the Senate’s Investigations and Government Operations Committee. Democrat Assemblyman Charles Lavine has sponsored a companion Bill (A4562) that sits in the Assembly's Governmental Operations Committee.

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