It’s easy to get signals messed up from people…but what if there was a system that could make it a lot easier to read. 

We’ve all been there before where we go to say goodbye and one person goes in for the handshake and the other goes in for the hug. Well, over the past year it’s been a little easier.  People just don’t shake or hug

But now that we are starting to get back a little closer to normal, it’s even more confusing.  Some people are starting to feel a little more comfortable while others still aren’t.  So there’s a retailer that has come up with the idea of giving people wristbands for parties and gatherings that make it less awkward to tell people how you feel.

You’d get one at the door that was either green, red, or yellow.  The green means you’re comfortable with hugs and high fives.  The red means you’d prefer not to - you're just more comfortable keeping a distance.  The yellow (in my opinion is pointless) is a little more vague.  It says that you're cool with talking to people but would still prefer to keep your distance.

Would you want this?  Would it help?

I'm not a germophobe or anything but for me, these things would be great.  I'd happily wear one.  I mean…I just don’t like hugs…so social distancing or not…I’d be wearing red all day…  It was one of the things I actually will miss from the pandemic.  People keeping their distance was pretty nice.

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