Halloween is already a very memorable time for a kid, then when something like this happens it only becomes more memorable, and heartwarming too.

Sometimes, police get a bad rep, but moments like this prove that there really are great cops out there. In this instance, a New York State Trooper went out of his way to make Halloween go from a fun day to an absolutely incredible day for one boy in the Whitney Point, New York area.

The 12-year old boy's name is Asher. After speaking with his mother Stephanie, we learned a little about what this young man is aspiring to be when he grows up. Obviously by the photo, a police officer. Beyond that, Asher would like to be a New York State Trooper. Instead of going and finding a basic police officer uniform, Asher was dressed identically to one of New York's finest. Except for one thing. The hat.

Officer DeChow saw Asher and pulled over. As a Trooper, it had to be amazing to see a kid in that costume. That is when he made the boy's day by placing his hat on Asher's head. His mother Stephanie said that Asher was beyond excited to the point his lip was quivering from happiness.

We also were told this isn't the first time Asher has encountered this incredible officer. He will stop and talk with Asher when he sees him. Just as the New York State Police Facebook page said, well-done officer. Also, great costume Asher.

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