A black bear bear was caught on tape curiously sniffing around on a man's front porch in Schenectady County on Sunday night.  Local residents are wondering where the migrating mammal was off to next and why it wasn't practicing proper social distancing?

News 10 ABC obtained to the video surveillance from Doug Waddell who according to reports captured the video of the bear approaching his door on Sunday evening on Ennis Road in Schenectady County.

The curious black bear appeared on a Ring.com video surveillance camera at approximately 9PM at night.  Judging by the :30 video clip, the bear didn't find any treats or honey as it sniffed around for a few seconds before lumbering off into the night.

Use common sense if you live in the Princetown or Rotterdam area and always maintain a safe distance and  never approach a bear. If you do encounter this or any other black bears, the DEC offers tips on how to stay safe and who to contact here.

Check out the video here :

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