Do you have a talking parrot you're looking to part ways with, or to get out of the house for a few hours? One shop in Upstate New York is on the hunt for one.

Donna Vaccaro Piekarski of Turin Road Treasures in Rome New York posted online how the shop is looking for a new mascot:

Looking for a talking parrot or other talking breed to be our mascot for the shop. He or she will be well taken care of and given a lot of attention."

If you have a parrot, you can contact Donna online here. Imagine walking into an antique style store and being greeted by a parrot. Also, imagine him or her sitting next to a treasure chest. Clearly, it's a win-win.

For those that don't know, The Eclectic Mercantile is now known as Turin Road Treasures. Valerie Thron Pollack of The Eclectic Mercantile made the announcement on Facebook:

It is with a sad heart that Darren and I announce we have to close our Brother Shop as The Eclectic Chic has become an all consuming experience in a great way. 💜 With that said, we will remain The Eclectic Mercantile until the end of June, and then Donna Vaccaro Piekarski will be taking over and renaming the business Turin Rd. Treasures! We wish Donna the best of luck and we know she will be successful! She has all of Rome on her side."

Turin Road Treasures is opening Tuesday through Friday 10AM - 5PM, and on Sunday 11AM - 4PM, and closed Mondays.

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