Fifth through eighth grade students at Jarvis Middle School have a remote learning day today following the passing of a teacher.

In a note to parents from Central Valley Central School District Superintendent Jeremy Rich families were advised that fifth grade teacher Ryan Biamonte "passed away unexpectedly."

Students are being told to log in to their online Google classrooms at the normal time for synchronous learning on Tuesday, February 8, 2022.

There are some classes today that may be held asynchronously - i.e. with teachers assigning work to be completed within a deadline.  Details have been communicated to students.  Anyone with questions should contact teachers through online portals.

The superintendent says that the purpose of today's schedule change is to give the school time to put counselors and others in place for students at the school who may be dealing with grief and struggling with the news of Biamonte's passing.

In the note the Superintendent says, "Losing a member of the school community can raise feelings of sadness, confusion and even anger.  We encourage our parents to talk with your children.  Discussing thoughts and feelings about death is an important step to help work through this difficult situation.  If you notice any changes in mood or behavior, please reach out to your school principal, counselors or school psychologist."  Counseling staff will be available to students when they return to school on Wednesday, February 9th.

There are no details available about Ryan Biamonte's passing.  The district asks that his family and students are thought of during this difficult time.

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