The internet has been up in arms about a bunny in Albany, and it's a wild story with some crazy lore.

Now, this isn't some ravenous, rabid, rambunctious, rowdy rabbit. This is a big, beautiful, blissful, beguiling bunny. But most importantly, this bunny appears to be domesticated.

We can tell as the bunny doesn't seem to be afraid of humans but will run away if someone tries to touch it. It is also fully black which is rare for wild rabbits in the area. It is also a very round bunny which is usually a telltale sign of domestication.

The running theory is this rabbit was dropped off.

The original Reddit post about this mystery rabbit garnered 83 comments and multiple follow ups both from OP and other users. There were posts with users pleading for updates and others posting their "bunny sightings." Each post garnered lots of traction, and each with an active comment section with plans on how they were going to catch the bunny and get it to a home/shelter.

Users were camping out watching for this rabbit, setting up traps, and trying to catch it. He would sit out in the grass, practically taunting them as he smugly ate the grass. With publicity like this, the bunny was bound to be caught. Some of the users tried to catch the bunny, but animal control groups began to tell said Redditers not to chase after or try to chase the bunny as it might change its schedule or even leave the area entirely.

The user who eventually caught the rabbit even made their own account named u/albbunny. After a quick vet visit, it was found that, for the most part, he was in good health aside from some minor injuries, some being sustained from his time in the park and others believed to possibly be from his previous living condition.

u/albbunny via Reddit
u/albbunny via Reddit

As of right now, the bunny is in the care of u/albbunny. They say that the rabbit is very social and is doing well. So far, there has been no word on a permanent home for this bunny, but he sure has taken Albany on a wild ride.

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