In today's world, you always have to be careful with scammers targeting your phone. One scam is currently happening in Gloversville and the rest of Upstate New York.

Rebecca M. Sira first posted about the scam on Facebook to spread awareness of what's happening:

BEWARE, FRIENDS: I almost fell victim to a very sophisticated debit card scam. Here's how it goes: you get a call, the caller ID is your bank."

Right out of the gate the scam is super realistic. The person on the other end says they are from the fraud department calling about your debit card ending in (the 4 correct numbers), and asks if you've been traveling, reports two suspicious charges that happened at out-of-state stores (Lowe's and Walmart).

You say nope, wasn't me. He says they'll send you a new card. He knows your address. He knows both of your phone numbers. He sends a verification code to your cell and asks you to read it to him. THEN HE ASKS FOR YOUR PIN NUMBER, so he can deactivate it.

This is where it's almost super convincing. Rebecca says this is where she said "no." The scammer will then have an answer for your growing suspicions:

He says look at the number I'm calling from, it matches the number on the back of your card. It does!

If this happens to you, call your banks fraud department. Chances are, they will explain to you that they would never ask you for a pin number. Banks are reporting locally that this is the new scam, they're hearing about it a lot. Make sure to tell everyone to be on the lookout.

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