Talk about coming full circle. A New York State Trooper released a Barred Owl he rescued in the Hudson Valley.

The owl was lucky Trooper Christopher Markwica, was on duty as he saved his life. The wounded owl spent about a month being rehabilitated by North Country Wild Care after being rescued from I-87.

North Country Wild Care is a nonprofit organization created to assist Wildlife Rehabilitators in the Schenectady, Warren, Washington, Saratoga, Albany, Rensselaer, Montgomery, Fulton and Essex Counties of New York.

Credit - New York State Police

North Country Wild Care helps with injured and orphaned wildlife in upstate New York. They rehabilitate the injured animals while keeping them wild and release them back into their natural habitat. They work with all types of animals, including squirrels, rabbits, deer, skunks, opossum, bobcats, foxes, chipmunks, porcupines, and birds of all kinds, including hawks, eagles and owls, and more. The facility reminds you to never care for a wild animal yourself. Always contact a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator.

Credit - New York State Department of Transportation

Owls are active this time of year and this isn't the first rescue. New York State Department of Transportation maintenance supervisor Jim Williamson was patrolling the roads in Schuyler County in early February when something hit his windshield. He pulled over and found an Eastern screech owl small enough to fit into the palm of his hand, stunned from the impact. Williamson took care of it until it was conscious enough and able to fly on its own. The owl was then released outside back into its natural habitat.

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According to, the Barred Owls courting activities begin in February with breeding between March and August. Males hoot and females give contact calls. As the nesting season approaches, males chase after females giving a variety of hooting and screeching calls.

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