Look, when you go to buy beer you expect to just get the box and the beer inside. One 30-pack had about a dozen coins inside of it too.

It certainly isn't the worst thing to find. That would be when you go to grab a beer and you realize it's just an empty can. That can happen from time to time, but it always is a bummer. While coins aren't the worst, they are definitely an odd thing to find mixed in with cans of cold beer.

What makes it so strange is the nature of the coins. The majority of the coins were actually Canadian. That isn't all too strange, but it would make you think the beer was made north of the border. Then mix in quite a few more coins that come from an arcade in Nashua, New Hampshire. Nashua is a solid 3 hours from Canada as it sits right on the border to Massachusetts.

Look At The Strange Coins Found Inside The Box

Sure, there is some American currency in there. Mostly it is Canadian and the arcade tokens.

So what on earth happened? Was someone holding a handful of coins when the box was being packed with cans and they just dropped them in? Are people even still hand-packing boxes of beer anymore? There are so many questions, and seemingly so few ways to actually get an answer.

The beer purchased was a 30-pack of Coors Light at the New Hartford Hannaford on Commercial Drive. Have you heard of anyone else who got a nice little treasure of Canadian coins and tokens to an arcade inside of their beer box?

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