A board meeting in Ilion turned into a heated argument between the Deputy Mayor and a village resident.

Ilion Fire Chief Tom Pedersen, and Deputy Chief Mike Conover were suspended after a complaint from a former employee earlier this year. Monday night, the Deputy Chief was recognized, by the same board who suspended him, for his years of service.

During the recognition ceremony, Conover proceeded to hand over a medal he was given for saving the life of board member Mike Emrich's father. "This is the last one I received. This is a life-saving award for a cardiac arrest at Stewarts that I was given the privilege to go down and help and change that outcome for a period of time for that individual. I want you to have that Mike. I appreciate the opportunity to work for this village."

Shortly after Deputy Chief Mike Conover's wife was seen trying to shake hands with all the board members. Everyone but Deputy Mayor Charles Lester, who refused. He was heard saying "kiss my ass," in front of a room full of people, including several children.

Lt. Scott Hendrix stormed into the boardroom, shouting "you do not disrespect my wife in front of this board in this group of people."

"Leave the board room now," the Deputy Mayor told the man. "You are out of line."

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