The NFL on CBS is looking to feature videos of Bills fans on TV.

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CBS is looking for fans to submit videos depicting their devotion to the Buffalo Bills, specifically:

"As fans across the nation anticipate the return of the Sunday ritual that binds us together, we are calling upon you to celebrate the NFL on CBS by sharing your Buffalo Bills traditions, superstitions, at-home tailgating plans and strategies for enjoying this new and unique season."

There are a lot of specifics that you'll need to include in your video, including using the phrases “We Can’t Wait!,” “Time for Football!,” “The NFL’s Back!,” “Football’s Back!” and “We’re Ready!”

You're even allowed to smack talk other teams (in family friendly language, of course).

You'll want to keep it short though, CBS suggests submitting videos with a fan message of about a minute or less.

They offer some suggestions for shooting your video, including shoot your video horizontally, center yourself in the frame, have your full head in the shot, and try to shoot at eye level -- even better, get a friend to shoot the video for you.

When your video is ready to go, you'll submit it at CBS's upload link here.

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