Relationships can turn ugly sometimes, and people will resort to desperate measures. While there aren't too many available details of what spurred this alleged incident, we do know that one man has been arrested, according to police. The Sheriff's Office says his crime is rather unusual. Was this man trying to force an ex from her home?

New York State Man Accused of Cutting Power 

WKTV says that a 41-year-old Davenport man allegedly cut the power to his ex-girlfriend's home November 7. The Delaware County Sheriff's Office says after an investigation, that the man had turned her power off as an attempt to make her leave her home. WKTV says that the suspect also locked the fuse panel.

With temperatures ;plunging across the state this time of year, you can imagine how cold it could get inside your home without heat.


It is not sure how long the woman had lived in the home, nor the circumstances of the couple's breakup. Police say the suspect was arrested, processed and released on an appearance ticket.

More Domestic Disputes

Back in October 2022, police say a New York state man was arrested three times in 36 hours after a domestic dispute spiraled out of control.


Stories like these have many to question New York's controversial bail reform law. Officials say this recent suspect is now facing multiple charges of criminal contempt. But while three arrests in less than two days sounds like a lot, it's not as uncommon as you might think.

WKTV says the male suspect from Lee, NY was arrested after he allegedly assaulted his wife. Police say he was arrested for a second time the same day, when attempted to call his wife while an order of protection was in place. According to the Oneida County Sheriff's Office, he was arrested again the next day after he violated the order of protection a second time.

WKTV did not indicate exactly what he allegedly did to be arrested for the third time.

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