I have seen some strange things in my day but recently I was scrolling through Buzzfeed when I saw an article about the weirdest things seen in public and I realized how much I have missed. How about a guy wearing a full scuba mask and snorkel or someone driving a car while reading a book.

Thanks to WNTY News Channel 13, I have something new to add to the list of odd things I have seen. The actions in the video aren't the oddest part to me. It's that it was happening in Clifton Park that made it even stranger. Want to see 2 deer fight?

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Scrolling through social media this evening I saw what I initially thought was a video of kangaroo boxing. On closer look this video was of 2 deer standing on 2 hooves while smacking each other with their other hooves...in Clifton park.

WNTY credits Christina for capturing the video, which you can see below. Why would 2 deer be hitting each other? According to the United States Army deer have been known to fight while in mating season, which they are in now. It's called the rut. Bucks fight each other looking for does to breed.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Were you in Clifton Park Tuesday? Did you see what went down? You are about to. Watch the other deer in the video too. It's as if they all gathered behind the church after school to watch a fight. Some of them seem excited. Maybe they are. You be the judge.

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