There are some that view their cars as more than just motor vehicles -- they're also vehicles for self-expression. We've all seen those cars plastered with dozens of bumper stickers. And some people choose to elevate this form of expression further through a personalized vanity plate.

Ever since the "Assman" episode of Seinfeld, I've been fascinated with personalized license plates. Because when you see a clever one, you can't help but tip your cap. Not only are they a great way to share your interest or hobbies in a creative way, but they can also bring a smile to people's faces. The best ones leave you thinking "Why didn't I think of that?"


If you're a die-hard Seinfeld fan like I am, a Seinfeld-themed vanity plate is the ultimate way to showcase your devotion to the show about nothing. It's like having a little piece of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer cruising around with you. Plus, it's a conversation starter that'll have fellow fans high-fiving you at traffic lights... (just don't stop short, that's *MY* move!)

I decided to spend some time over at the DMV's Personalized Plate page and plug a bunch of Seinfeld references into the search bar to see if you could actually get these plates... and you cannot. So either they're restricted for some reason (as with "Assman", I'm assuming) OR some Seinfeld enthusiast has already scooped them up.

So next time you're out driving around, keep your eyes open! The 11 Seinfeld-themed license plates below are already registered by somebody in New York state:

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