New reforms go into effect in New York today prohibiting businesses from charging a “pink tax.”

That’s the practice of charging different prices for “substantially similar” consumer goods or products that are marketed to different genders.

The new measure requires certain service providers to provide price lists for standard services upon request.

Businesses that violate the law will be subject to civil penalties.

Banning the pink tax was enacted as part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s 2021 budget and a key component of the governor’s 2020 Women’s Agenda.

 "New York is leading the nation in advancing women's rights and this milestone marks the latest step in New York's journey to break down barriers and put women on an equal playing field," Cuomo said. "By abolishing the pink tax, women and girls will no longer be subject to harmful and unfair price discrimination and any businesses who fail to put an end to this despicable practice will be held accountable."


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