On September 1st, New York's new legislation to strengthen gun safety in response to a US Supreme Court ruling will take effect.

In June, SCOTUS overturned a century-old New York law that made concealed carry illegal for anyone not shooting for sport or needing a firearm for job protection. New York legislators and Governor Hochul rushed a bill through before the July 4th weekend that establishes 15 "Sensitive Locations" where no concealed carry is allowed, citing public safety.

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The new law will also make all land be assumed "No Concealed Carry" unless a business or property owner explicitly posts that concealed carry is allowed. Governor Hochul has tweeted numerous times on the issue, this coming after the Independence Day shootings in Highland Park, Illinois.

State Republicans have vowed to combat the new legislation, questioning the constitutionality of the "Sensitive Locations" ban.

As continued mass shootings make national headlines, the newer, more aggressive gun debate is only getting started.

15 Locations Where New York Will Now Ban Concealed Carry

In response to the SCOTUS ruling that all public concealed carry is allowed under the Second Amendment, Governor Hochul has signed new legislation establishing 15 "Sensitive Locations" where concealed carry is not allowed. This ruling will take effect on September 1. Here's where you can't bring a concealed firearm:

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