Have you ever been reading about a famous historical person and thought, "I wonder what their signature is worth?"

Well, I sometimes do, so I took some of the most famous New Yorkers in history and went on eBay to see what their signatures were selling for.


When it comes to buying a signed item from a famous person, there are a lot of things to be aware of. Of course, everyone wants to be sure they're getting the real deal, and not something forged. So before you go shelling out thousands upon thousands of dollars for your favorite president's signature, make sure you do plenty of research on what to look for.


There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when dealing with them as well. Generally speaking, documents signed before or after their time in office seem to go for less. If it's a signed document with official White House letterhead, there's always the possibility it was signed by a secretary, who are allowed to sign the president's name on their behalf.

Additionally, the autopen -- a mechanical device used to mimic a person's actual signature -- was invented in the '30s.

So, again-- make sure you do your research before dropping some major cash on any historical figures' autograph. It's definitely not something you want to buy impulsively when you're drinking at home alone. (Trust me.)

Check out the gallery below for what some of these famous New Yorkers' signatures are selling / have sold for on eBay:

Famous New Yorkers: What Their Signatures are Worth on eBay

Ever wonder how much it would cost to buy an authentic signature from these famous New Yorkers?

Gallery Credit: Will Phillips

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