Were you at Tops in Rome, Stewert's, Tallman's Tire in Yorkville, Jersey Mikes in New Hartford, or Dollar General in Lyons Falls? If you answered yes, then one of these messages could be for you!


June 19, 2020: Big truck (Sauquoit)

You live in Sauquoit have a black truck with a very distinct decal on the back window. Your cute would like to hang out. What's the truck and decal.....

"Hey baby, that Utica Comets shirt would look nice on that truck bed"

Sergey Galushko/Thinkstock

Your beautiful the way you are you don't need to gain any weight.... if u ever see this ull probally know who i am.

"You make a super cheap dinner date.....wanna snack on some saltines walking the Erie Canal trail?"


I saw you sitting outside Tallmann Tire as I was leaving. I hope you know how beautiful you are because I wish I'd have said hello. If you see this don't be creeped out but I hope it makes you smile...

"I see you rollin those wheels down to my place"


You parked your white Jeep Wrangler next to me at Stewart's in Yorkville...you recommended the pistachio gelato. I bought it, and it was great. Let me buy you an ice cream...and see what else you recommend...

"You had me at try the pistachio gelato"


You: blue mesh shorts. Salt and pepper hair. Gray long sleeve shirt on. Made ALOT of eye contact. It happened today around. 1 or 130.

If you see this, tell me what type of vehicle you were driving. You parked next to me and when you got in, you made ALOT more eye contact. Hope to hear from you!

"Let's make more eye contact over my foot long.....sub"


June 1, 2020: Dollar general

Dollar general in Lyons falls. We have the same birthday. tell me what you think. And so I know it's you tell me what you said the last time you seen me.

"You're worth more to me than a million Dollar Generals combined"

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