Remember the Last Unicorn? If you worked there in the 90's, someone is looking for you.

It's not unusual to see people looking for friends they lost touch with on social media - but they're not usually from 30 years ago.

A post appeared on Reddit, an internet forum, in the 'Utica' subreddit in search of a friend someone hasn't seen since the late 1990s.

"I’m looking for a man named Mike who worked at Price chopper in commercial dr in the late 90s. He also worked at the Last Unicorn in new Hartford. He had blonde hair, was probably in his 20s at the time and had a great taste in music. I’ve been thinking about him a lot as of late and wanted to see how he was doing."

If our calculations are correct, Mike might be around 50 now. Of course, Price Chopper is still around but The Last Unicorn is long gone.

Do you have any idea who this is? Is it you?

Screen grab, Reddit
Screen grab, Reddit

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